The Benefits of Double Glazing During Summer – Is It Time to Upgrade Your Windows?

Do you have double glazing on your windows? Is your house cold during winter and hot during summer? We wrote this article as we wanted to share with you the value of double glazing – most specifically during the warm summer we experience in Australia.

As timber window experts, we know of many key benefits to double glazing. We’ve helped countless clients over the last 25 years install new windows with double glazing. We could talk for hours about the benefits but with this article we touch on the 3 main benefits of double glazing during summer.

Double Glazing Keeps Your House Cooler And Lowers Your Energy Costs

During a hot Melbourne summer it’s vital to keep your house cool. As the day wears on, if you only have single glazing on your windows, your house will get warmer. The cool air escapes and hot summer air gets in. To keep your house cool, you’ll have to turn your air conditioner on earlier and keep it on longer. This becomes expensive. With double glazed windows, your house will stay cooler for longer as the cooler air is better trapped. This means you won’t need to turn your air conditioner on as early in the day, and you won’t have to have it on for as long. This can save you a significant amount of money on your energy costs. Double glazing is a good investment.

Double Glazing Minimises Noise Pollution

Over summer, and with daylight saving, many suburban backyards are filled with the sounds of summer barbecues and families entertaining. As much as we all want people to have fun, clearly you don’t want to hear your neighbours and their friends whilst you are trying to relax in the evening. This is why you need double glazing during summer. The extra pain of glass on your windows will dramatically reduce the level of sound that gets into your house (and also the amount that escapes.) This means both you won’t hear your neighbours, but also they are less likely to hear you if you are entertaining inside.

Double Glazing Keeps Your House More Secure

The last point might seem less obvious but we feel it is equally important when it comes to the benefits of double glazing during summer. Summer school holidays are commonly a time for travel – whether around Australia or setting off overseas. Double glazing keeps your house more secure if you are intending to travel. Double glazing makes windows stronger – meaning that they would be harder to break by criminals if you are travelling over the summer period. 

If you are thinking about double glazing, and want to combine these upgrades with beautifully crafted, high quality timber windows, get in touch with us here at Bayview Timber Windows. We want to use our experience and commitment to ensure that you get the windows you want. We guarantee your happiness. Get in touch today so we can show you some beautiful windows designed perfectly for your house.

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