How Long Do Timber Windows Last?

Bayview timber windows are carbon neutral, ethically produced, economical, and most important of all – simply stunning!

It is important to understand that your Bayview timber windows will need a little bit more love and care than other materials, however, just following this simple guide in how to maintain your windows with ensure your Bayview timber windows are beautiful and functional for many years to come.

  1. Location, location, location. Where your timber windows are, and how exposed to the elements they are will determine how much maintenance they require. For example, the inside of windows and windows in under cover areas will age far less quickly than external timber windows with no shade (especially if they’re in the harsh afternoon sun).

  2. Be gentle. A mop or sponge in a bucket of soapy water is going to be far more gentle on your timber and joins than a pressure washer. Whilst the ease and swiftness of your trusty pressure washer may be tempting, it’s definitely not the cleaner of choice if you wish to maintain longevity of your Bayview timber windows and joins. See our guide to top tips for keeping your windows clean here – https://www.bayviewtimberwindows.com.au/our-top-tips-for-keeping-your-windows-clean/

  3. Smooth guides will ensure your timber windows and doors remain easy to use. Vacuum your tracks as regularly as you vacuum your floor (eg at least weekly) and wipe over tracks and guides with a damp cloth. Add a silicone based lubricant if you think your guides and tracks need it, but use sparingly and only when required.

  4. A quick touch up done regularly can save you a major facelift down the track, saving you both time and money. Whether your Bayview timber windows are stained, varnished or painted, keeping on top of your maintenance will keep your timber resistant to our harsh Australian weather.

More information on maintaining your beautiful Bayview Timber windows and doors can be found here https://www.bayviewtimberwindows.com.au/keeping-your-timber-windows-healthy/.

Whether you already have timber windows you’re wishing to restore to their former glory, or you’re looking to install top quality new Bayview Timber windows or doors please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information – https://www.bayviewtimberwindows.com.au/contact/ 

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