Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Timber awning windows are hinged along the top and open out from the bottom to enable ventilation whilst keeping the rain out. Often placed higher on walls for privacy or in combination with larger stationary windows for a better view. They can be added above doorways or fixed windows to increase light . Both types are available in many different models, with or without glazing bars. Awning windows are typically slightly cheaper, however the top guided awning sash is easier to operate and can be fixed in a secure ventilation position, for a better indoor climate, and is sealed to prevent drafts and moisture penetration.

An awning window is made for openings in which the width is more than the height, usually awning windows and even casement windows open outwardly fully, they provide maximum ventilation and natural light.  This kind of style of window requires a lot of free space around the window to allow the window to open fully.

Bayview Timber Windows specialise in all things windows and doors, they make all of their products from locally sourced woods and timbers and only make products with the finest craftsmanship. When making an awning window, they make these windows hinged on the top to open outwardly from the bottom, this allows ventilation but also protects from the rain in a downward poor. Often placed higher on walls for privacy or in combination with larger stationary windows for a better view. 
If you are looking to have your timber awning windows custom made to fit your home, the sales team are happy to help with any questions or needs you may have, give them a call today for your obligations free quote.

Awning features:

  • Easy operation of the window without affecting flyscreens or security screens
  • Custom made wide sashes within fitted guidelines
  • Standard Whitco winders or upgrade to Truth Hardware with Friction Stays, or Electric winders for high to reach applications
  • Double Glazed or Single glazed applications.
  • Aluminium or Timber screens to suit.
awning window

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