Port Hole/Curved Windows

Port Hole/Curved Windows

A porthole window, curved window or even circular window, there are many names that this window can go by but the main functionality of this rounded window is that it is used as a decorative piece to add contrasting elements to a rather boxy type room.

Porthole/Curved Windows can be found in a range of spaces and places such as planes, boats and houses. Porthole windows can be manufactured to be open and closed or be made to permanently stay closed, it is entirely up to the consumer.

Curved Windows in homes can be found all throughout the house, from attic spaces, stairwells and even bathrooms. As the porthole or curved windows is purely a statement piece more so than a functional window, you are able to have these custom made. Bayview Timber Windows specialise in timber curved windows, timber windows are durable, fashionable and affordable. If you are interested in or have been looking to install a porthole/curved window in your home or workspace, Bayview Timber Windows are happy to give you a quote. Give Bayview Timber Windows a call or even send us an email.

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