Windows and Doors For Summer Entertaining

If you wanted to talk about the quintessential Australian summer day, it would probably include a bbq, a few drinks and entertaining in the backyard. Most Australian homeowners dream of the perfect outdoor entertaining area, and this is why we wrote this article. We wanted to share with you some ideas to help you choose the right windows and doors for summer entertaining. 

Further, the right windows and doors can help you make the most of natural light, stay cool where possible and just make the most of your time at home. Upgrading your windows and doors may:

Connect Your Indoor and Outdoors Spaces

If you look at any of the real estate liftouts in the major newspapers, you’ll see a large number of homes that connect their indoor and outdoor spaces. A popular choice to do this is through the installation of bifold windows and doors. The right selection will mean that you better connect your indoor and outdoor areas – your kitchen and dining area can connect seamlessly with an outdoor entertaining area. It gives you the opportunity to live an alfresco lifestyle at home.

Increase the Natural Light in your Home and Give You a Feeling of More Space

Summer means longer days, and daylight saving means a later sunset. Upgrading your windows and doors gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this extra light. More windows mean more light, which means lower electricity bills as you won’t have to turn your lights on until later. 

Allowing more natural light into the house further means that it gives a room the illusion of more space. This means that you can invite more friends and family over without your space becoming claustrophobic. 

Save You Money

Upgrading your windows and doors to take advantage of summer can actually save you money on your household energy costs. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. You have minimal need for air conditioning – The right windows and doors can help improve ventilation in your home. This extra airflow will help keep your house cooler for longer and means you will need to spend less time with the air conditioner on.
  2. You have minimal need for artificial light  – Increasing the natural light in your house with the right combination of windows and doors means that you won’t have to turn your lights on until later in the day. 


Both these natural advantages from upgrading your windows will save you money.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Enhancing your home with a modern renovation will likely add value to your home. One of the most asked for and ideal spaces in a home is a quality entertaining space so enhancing your outdoor areas will add value to your home. 

At Bayview Timber Windows we have many decades of experience making and installing timber windows and doors across Melbourne homes. We would love the opportunity to help you bring your outdoor entertaining area to life. 

If you would like a no obligation chat about your space, please get in touch today.

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