Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Are you looking at installing double hung windows? Double hung windows are windows that have two operating sash that move up and down allowing for your window to have an opening at the top and bottom. By having your window open from the top and bottom this allows for much better ventilation. How the double hung window is meant to work is by opening the top half the hot air that rises escapes through the top opening while cool fresh air enters through the bottom.

The beauty of a double hung window is that you are able to operate the window anyway you want, open half and half, just the bottom or just the top. Not only are these windows functional but they are practical. As there is no part of the window that protrudes outward or inward, the window sits completely flush, making it perfect for this type of window to look out onto patio areas. Another great tip, they are far easier to clean internally and externally.

Bayview Timber Windows have years of experience when making timber double hung windows, with beautiful craftsmanship you know you are in good hands when dealing with Bayview Timber Windows. Get in touch today for all your timber window and door needs.

We manufacture the following different types of Double Hung’s from:
  • Weights and Cords ( Manufactured to match existing )
  • Counter Balance system
  • Spiral Balances
  • Jambliner system
Double Hung Windows

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