Sashless Window

Sashless Window

Have you been looking for a modern alternative to a traditional styled opening window? Sashless windows might just be the answer you have been looking for in the journey of your new home build or your renovations. A sashless window is a double hung system that allows two moving panes of glass. By having a sashless window you are provided with the best uninterrupted view from a functioning window. A sash window is a window that is surrounded by a solid frame whether it be made from timber or aluminium.

The window functions by sliding the top and bottom glass towards the center for the optimal amount of ventilation. If you have been going back and forth between what windows to install in your new home or renovation, the sales team from Bayview Timber Windows are more than happy to help. With years of knowledge and experience, they have seen a fair few different types of windows in their lifetime.  Bayview Timber Windows so specifically specializes in timber framed windows, timber framed windows are durable, eco friendly and fashionable. Timber windows are known for withstanding the test of time, both weather wise and trends and fads.

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