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Building or Renovating Your House.

When building a new home there are so many options these days around what materials to use. From brick, to Weatherboard, concrete slab, timber stumps, to what should the windows and door frames be made out of. Living on the Mornington Peninsula, there are so many beautiful homes, it is hard to know what will last and what just looks good.

Living on the Mornington Peninsula we are so prone to rust and salt damage due to being so close to the bay, even if you don’t live directly on the water your home can still be affected by it a few Kms away. The salty air eats away the steel material, thereby collapsing the structural integrity of the house. As a result, the house owners have to change the doors and windows very often. This move would elevate the maintenance cost of the house every month. The maintenance cost is more for people who live in coastal areas.

Why Choose Timber Windows on the Mornington Peninsula?

Although aluminum materials are rust-resistant, living on the Mornington Peninsula it isn’t about what is the more cost effective option, it isn’t just about the aesthetic either. 

High-quality timber windows will outperform all others with an outstanding 60-years durability, whereas the total life of a plastic window can be around 35 years. Also, wooden windows have the environmental credentials on their side since they are carbon negative as opposed to uPVC windows.

Choosing timber windows for your Mornington Peninsula home not only outperform other materials but will help you achieve that ultimate coastal look to your property. Bayview Timber Windows have been helping people achieve their goals on the Mornington Peninsula for over 20 years. Bayview Timber Windows pride themselves on their knowledge and product they have to offer. Bayview Timber Windows have fantastic relationships with many builders on the Mornington Peninsula who support green living and sustainable homes.

While choosing timber windows and doors seems like an easy choice to make, you also have the added bonus of the variety and options you have when selecting your windows and doors. Bayview Timber Windows make all their products within their factory and are happy to run through every option. 

Who Specialise in Timber Windows?

Whether you are building brand new, renovating your existing home or you have bought yourself a fixer upper on the Mornington Peninsula, you need to look at options that will save you in the long run as well as look good. Choosing the right style of window will be discussed with your builder/Architect but ultimately Bayview Timber Windows can always advise you on what to choose. By choosing timber, not only are you choosing the best environmentally friendly option but it adds a certain level of luxury to the home, timber is strong and hardy adding that little bit more value to your property.

Get in touch with Bayview Timber Windows today for your free quote on installing timber windows in your home.

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