Timber vs Aluminium Windows, Which is Better?

We get asked this question so much that we thought it was worth writing a blog post about it. We are always being asked whether timber or aluminum windows are better.  While the ins and outs of the answer will vary depending on your needs and home design there are several key points that come up again and again. 

So, here it is, laid out clearly on this page – the pros and cons of both timber and aluminium windows. We hope this blog post helps you when choosing windows for your own home – whether building initially or looking at a renovation and upgrade.

Why You Might Choose Timber Windows

Timber Windows Just Look Better

We find that there is generally consensus among our clients that timber windows are generally more visually appealing. They are more pleasant to look at and this can add value to your home at a later date when you are looking to sell.

Timber Windows Are Strong, Durable and Long-lasting

If you want strength and durability, you can’t go past timber windows. Timber windows, that are well looked after, will last for many decades.

Timber Windows Are Highly Energy Efficient

For us, one of the biggest selling points when it comes to timber windows is their energy efficiency. They don’t conduct heat. Basically this means the following – in winter your house is warmer as heat stays in the house more easily and in summer your house stays cooler as the heat doesn’t come in from outside. To truly embrace this energy efficiency you want to combine your timber windows with double glazing.

Why You May NOT Choose Timber Windows

Timber Windows Have a Higher Initial Cost

You can see we mentioned a number of great benefits above. Of course this means that there is a higher upfront cost for the purchase and installation of timber windows.

Why You May Want To Get Aluminium Windows

Aluminium Windows Have a Lower Initial Cost

If budget is an important consideration, then you may want to look at aluminium windows as they often come with a lower initial cost.

Aluminium Windows Have a Lower Maintenance Cost

Similar to their initial installation cost, they are often easier to maintain so have a lower maintenance cost overall.

Why Aluminium Windows May NOT Be For You

They Just Don’t Look As Great

As we said above, the general consensus amongst our customers is that aluminium windows just don’t look as good.

They Won’t Last As Long

A further consideration is, although the upfront costs are less, aluminium windows, being lightweight, don’t last as long. In most cases they will last around half as long as timber windows.

There you have it. With this article we have shared with you the relative merits and downsides of both timber windows and aluminium windows. As you can see, both these materials have their benefits and drawbacks.

If you have any questions about ordering new windows for your home, we would love to have a chat. Please get in touch for a no-oblgation discussion and we can go through the options available to you.

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